What Are Solar-powered Roofs?

solar powered roofSolar power is a big topic for many people concerned with their carbon footprint and use (or misuse) of energy in their homes. Some people have opted to have solar panels installed in their homes to combat the energy crisis and virtually eliminate their power bill every month. A popular spot for these solar panels is on the rooftops of houses. So what exactly are solar-powered roofs, and what does one get from having them installed?

When we think of solar panels, it's almost guaranteed that we think of those big flashy metal looking panels that take up a ton of space. In some movies, they're even shown to take up acres and acres of field land, just with some large, gray panels! Well, when it comes to having solar-powered roofing, it's not quite the same. Having large solar panels installed on the top of a home's roof could easily lead to problems with the roof supporting their weight, so solar shingles were introduced. These shingles are specifically designed to look just like any ordinary roofing material, but they hide a superpower. That superpower is solar energy!

One of the best parts of these solar shingles is that you don't need to cover your entire roof with them for it to be effective. It's been reported that roughly 350 solar shingles on one roof can cut the home's energy bill between 40-60%! The shingles have also become more affordable since being introduced back in 2005. Now they're even more improved and come with a more consumer-friendly price-tag. There are also quite a few states that offer incentives in having these solar shingles installed, which can significantly cut the installation cost.

Once all is said and done and installed, your new solar-powered roof brings you literal light into your life. A lower energy bill that will be noticeable immediately and throughout the years you live under your solar-powered roof. It also comes with the peace of mind that your home mostly runs on a renewable source of energy, and your carbon footprint is decreasing by the day.


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