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Top 3 Tools for Homeowners to Have

claw hammerHome repairs come alongside owning a home, and unfortunately, the costs can add up quickly if you're always calling a handyman. Thankfully there are a few DIY things a homeowner can do to stay on top of the upkeep and well being of their home. It's essential to have a few critical tools stored away just in case these things pop up. At the very least, make sure you have the following three tools in your toolbox - just in case!

Skip the bulky 50+ piece toolkit and get a manual screwdriver set instead. This is probably the most used tool in a household; almost everything has a screw somewhere. Make sure to pay attention to the number of interchangeable heads for the screwdriver set. The more to choose from, the better. That way you'll never have to search high and low for a special specific screwdriver in a random assortment of tools. 

A claw hammer is an excellent staple for home improvement and is essential for a homeowner to have. It's such a common household item that you probably already have one in the garage or tucked away in a drawer somewhere. The hammer itself is pretty basic, with the flat end to make a smooth impact with whatever it contacts and the split V end to remove loose nails or other stubborn objects protruding from various spots. Claw hammers are very resistant, but it's still wise to purchase one with weather resistance if left outdoors and proper ergonomics for your arms. 

Power tools may seem scary to some homeowners during DIY home repairs, but having a cordless drill tucked away is a smart decision. A cordless drill could quickly turn into one of the most used tools in your arsenal. There are some things a screwdriver can't get, even with multiple heads to choose from. It's also essential that it's a cordless unit and not a traditional plug-in model. This eliminates the search for a nearby outlet or using a potentially dangerous extension cord. 

Take a look in your toolbox and check what's inside. If you don't have any of these three things, it's time to go shopping! A little pre-planning with the right tools and a google search or two can save you from calling an expensive handyman.


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