Remodeling for the 21st century, technology, and new construction

To make an informed decision about the building project you’re considering, you’ll need to understand the logic for each choice. A new construction project offers you a fresh start. If you’re looking for greater space, better location within the area, and more accommodation and availability for the implementation of 21st-century technology, a new construction project is the best way to go.

Perhaps your budget can’t handle the expense of a new construction project, though, and you can get by with a simple remodel of your current space. Remodels or expansions are accomplished quicker and, in many cases, without completely disrupting your home’s day-to-day routine. 

Benefits and Drawbacks

Every construction project comes with both benefits and drawbacks. To get as close to perfect in a finished project as you can, it is important to consider which drawbacks you’ll have to acceptorder to gain the benefits you’re after - and then select the project that offers the fewest drawbacks to you. 

New Construction Benefits:

  • Freedom of personal selection: New Construction offers you a wide open selection. Location, features, size and floor plan are all up to you - you name it, you get it.
  • Everything is brand new: With new construction, you’re not inheriting a former owner’s problems - and, once completed, your new construction is ready to handle every day of your family’s life in it for generations to come. 21st Century technology could mean a brand new lifestyle for your family.

New Construction Drawbacks:

  • Cost: Planners, materials, designers, construction crews, and land. There is a lot to consider - and to carefully budget.
  • Lengthy process: New construction is usually a longer process than simply remodeling or expanding; and, with delays, it can get longer.
  • Relocation: If land in your immediate area is too expensive or your local codes are too restrictive for the project you want, you may have to relocate further away. 

Remodeling Benefits:

  • Quicker turnaround time: Remodeling projects tend to be completed the quickest and can often be done within an existing framework.
  • More affordable: In general, remodeling is less expensive than completely starting from scratch.
  • Upgrades: remodeling allows you to accommodate 21st-century technology in your existing home
  • More efficient: Remodeling allows you and your family to remain in your current location, while it’s being improved.

Remodeling Drawbacks:

  • Delays and Cost Overruns: Sometimes contractors run into unexpected problems that are discovered in the process of a remodel and cause delays and budget overruns. A damaged subfloor, for instance, can be discovered and needed to be repaired before adding new tile.
  • Necessary noise and disruption: a construction crew in your home is going to naturally cause a disruption to your daily routine during the project. Temporary electrical power disruption, dust, and noise are just a few things to expect during the undertaking of a remodeling project. 

Consider Your Needs

  • Before selecting either of these types of construction, you need to carefully consider what needs you want this building project to address. Has your family simply outgrown its current space? Do you have plenty of space, but need more functionality? Carefully consider the problems your home faces currently, and compare those with the benefits of each building project before deciding.
  • A building specialist consultation provides you with a cost comparison to determine which process is best for you and your family. Schedule a consultation with the experts at RJ Builders and avoiding making the wrong decision.

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