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In law suites additions are easier than you think!

in law suite additionWith the cost of senior care skyrocketing today, many families are opting to keep grandma or grandpa in their own homes, as opposed to sending him to an assisted living facility or nursing home. Some parents even create a separate small apartment for older college-age children to help save money on housing cost. Both scenarios have huge advantages and can save the whole family a lot of money.

This gives them a sense of independence while also having help right in the next room if they need it.

Do you have an extra room that you are not using in your home? The chances are that room can easily convert to an in-law suite with just a few modifications.

Even a garage can be converted into a cozy little apartment with the proper insulation and plumbing fixtures. Many garages already have their, making it easier for the tenants to go in and out of their places without disturbing the rest of the household.

Another option for a separate apartment is the use of an attic. This is more ideal for an older child still living at home, or for a parent who doesn't have mobility issues. It can be easy to add a kitchen and a bathroom by utilizing existing plumbing from below. Of course, attics can be scorching in the Florida heat, proper HVAC systems and insulation would need to be added.

Of course, the most cost-effective and easiest way is to convert an already existing bedroom or even a large formal living room as an in-law suite. 

If you are thinking of turning part of your home into separate living quarters for your parents or older children, RJ Builders has the skills and experience to get it done. Contact us today!

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